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Breath of the Wild


Breath of the Wild is the newest game in the long-standing Legend of Zelda series. There's no words I could say that could possibly convey how amazing this game is. First, I'll discuss the graphics of the game. Somehow, Nintendo managed to keep (and even strengthen) the artistic integrity of Legend of Zelda while bettering the graphics extensively. The smallest details that just seem so captivating, from the leaves on the floor that scatter when you run through them, or the grass that presses down when you walk on it, to the weather effects that take place in either a very subtle or monstrous way. Aside from the visual aspects, the controls are very smooth and easy to get used to. Overall, the only complaints I could possibly have is the crouch buttons placement and Mipha's monotone voice acting. I absolutely love this game and would suggest it to anyone who's looking for a unique open world adventure game (that also happens to be pretty family friendly, save the few suggestive moments).