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Top 10 Awesome Game Antagonists

10. Don Paolo (Professor Layton)

Coming from an underated series, most people have probably not heard of Don Paolo. Though his reasoning for beina a villain is incredibly stupid, it's almost endearing.

9. Ghirahim (Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

Okay, the first thing I have to say about Ghirahim.
He's a damn weirdo.
Strangely however, he's still a loveable character. He has a bit of flirtaion towards link, which is, in my opinion, hilarious to watch.

8. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

Pyramid Head fits right in with Silent Hill's rather morbid theme.

7. Atlas (BioShock)

6. Elysium (Soul Calibur)

5. Sarah Kerrigan (StarCraft)

4.Dracula (Castlevania: Judgment)

3. Glados

2. Sephiroth

1. Ganondorf