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Infinity Characters

-WARNING : May contain some spoilers

Ignis Brann

Ignis Brann is the first character to appear in Infinity and represents fire. She's one of the main characters, who uses another main (human) character as means to power herself enough to break out of her prison and crash down to earth. She will be a key character in all events throughout the comic. Her personality is very narccisistic, but she always knows just what to do in dangerous situations. Thought she acts very uninviting towards people, she cares deeply for the main character, like a younger sister almost.

Banyu Uisce

Banyu Uisce is a very quiet character who represents water. She is the second element to join the group.

Fasika of the Deserts

Fasika's "element" is a little more specific. She essentially rules over all deserts on earth and other inhabited plants. She's shown to be a very quiet character, even more so than Banyu, but she's very intellecual. She rarely shows any favoritism towards others, let alone feeling at all. In situations that require logic, she is always the best option as she is a true neutral person.

The Slicer

A Slicer is a common creature among earth since things went south. The weaker ones tend to collect in very large groups where cities and towns once thrived, while the strongest usually will live independantly and away from manmade areas-- searching for the humans who've gone into hiding from the weaker ones. Though most are driven solely by instinct, there are a few who actually can somewhat maintain intelligence. This slicer in particular, is one who may join the group later.